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Custom Development


Custom Development and
Integration Services

FlowTech Solutions, Inc. code is found in both government and industry.  We are also experts at integrating disparate systems with solutions less expensive than most.  Security, reliability and effectiveness are paramount to our total solution.

We use Java, JavaScript, ASP, ASP.Net and other .NET technologies, VBScript, C++, Flash, DHTML, XML and more.  We incorporate database servers such as SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL in our solutions.  Access or  MSDE can be viable options for smaller applications as well.

The following represents just a few examples of what we can do:

  • Static web sites including Flash
  • Interactive sites using a variety of databases
  • E-commerce web sites
  • Shopping Carts - Payment Processing
  • Business to Business integration (cXML, XML,  Ariba, SOAP)
  • Inventory Management
  • Case Management (Audits, Medical, Applications)
  • And much more

Once your project is complete we can host it as well.  If you wish, choose a monthly hosting/service plan instead of paying for the entire cost up front.

No matter what industry you are in we pride ourselves on bringing cost effective solutions to help your bottom line.