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New Hampshire Unified Commercial Code

Incorporates document scanning, workflow, data entry, search, batch printouts and many, many automated features.  The most recent enhancement allows the public to submit their own filing creating a tiff document on the fly filled in with their UCC data.  All pages and screens were done to New Hampshire UCC's specifications.  You can have it your way too!

Dalene Flooring

Dalene Flooring uses some great extended publishing capabilities for a combination of superb look and feel and ease of use.  

Harlan Hogan

Lots of javascript, audio, video and Flash not to mention Harlan's witty articles about himself.  Note that Harlan's greeting plays no matter what page you come in on yet does not play on any other page after the first time.  Click on a bubble with a question mark for an example of DHTML using a Flash presentation.  

Be sure your audio is turned up.  This is America's number one voice over actor (as Harlan will be glad to remind you).  While you're there you can order Harlan's book on becoming a voice over actor not to mention VO shirts and baseball caps on the integrated shopping cart.

Worldly Treasures

Worldly Treasures is a shopping site with an exotic flare.  It was done almost entirely with ASP.NET including an XML based shopping cart that is fully integrated with the Authorize.Net transaction-processing system for processing credit cards.

Newy Fagan

Newy is a world renowned artist specializing in kiln-formed glass.  She is perhaps best known for her equine art and her website reflects this.  The shopping cart engine pioneered at Worldly Treasures will soon be incorporated for her site as well.

Specialty Metal Fabrication, Inc.

Specialty Metal is a precision metal fabricator for many industries.